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Seat filler relationships

Have you ever watched the Grammy's or any other type of award show? The space is always filled to capacity but the seats are not solely filled with celebrities. There is a term called seat fillers... these wonderful people randomly attend events and their main duty is to fill the seat to show the auditorium appears crowded.

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What would your ex say about you?

When a relationship goes astray, we may wonder, “How could I have prevented this?” The end of a relationship can be devastating for many. We tend to poll our friends and family with the never-ending questions. We seek out sources that can help us make sense of the whole debacle. Trolling the Internet for magical answers that still keep us wondering.

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Would your friends date you?

Before we start dating someone, we already have a laundry list of qualities that we want in a significant other. The superficial lists consist of: being good-looking, honest, kind, God-fearing, hardworking, ambitious, physically fit, commutative and not crazy. We share what we want in that person with friends and family but do we even measure up to our wants and needs?

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