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I’m a collector of experiences and colorful stories created by friends and myself. I enjoy sharing those relationship stories for growth, self-awareness and to show others that we are all the same with certain uniqueness.

Find happiness in a thong

Find happiness in a thong

So many people are trying to find the meaning of happiness. What can I do to be happy? As simple as men think… it is as simple as: "wear a thong". You will start to feel alive! There's something exciting about knowing you have a percussion walking behind you. No need for applauds when your booty is clapping for you every step you make. It does not matter what you're wearing… a thong brings out an inner glow.


Ladies, if you're home doing house chores — stop what you're doing and put on a pair of thongs while you clean. Now, feel how that booty wiggles when you sweep and mop. Don't let the chatter of folks tell you that wearing a thong is uncomfortable. There are so many choices and the right thong is out there waiting for you. The seamless thong tends to be the most flexible. As a thongalogist, I advise you to purchase different style thongs to figure out the right feel for you.


V-strings are another fun one to wear and it is sister to the thong family. The V-string is true to its name. The letter "V" and a string connected creates this form of underwear. A thong is a universal garment that can be worn by all different races, ethnicities and most important — size. Don't allow people to put you in a corner, making you believe that if you're a curvaceous woman then you can't wear a thong. A thong breathes life into a dull person.

This is my tongue-in-cheek way of saying, ”you can find or create your happiness with the smallest thing.” Because true happiness is embedded in all of us. We have to tap into our inner selves to extract what makes us happy. The movie Hook had a deep line that said, ”find your happy place” — the character’s happy place was a memory of his son being born. One of my favorite movies growing up, The Last Dragon, has a character searching for the master. This legendary master was already inside the character. Happiness is inside all of us — we need only to extract it. We can start the search for happiness with the simplest things such as...

• I woke up this morning. Some people didn't wake up at all.

• I went to work today. Some people are looking for a job.

• I have a vehicle. Some people don't have a car or their vehicle is inoperable.

• I ate today. Some people did not have anything to eat.

If I’m able to find happiness in a thong, you can find happiness in one, too. Or, substitute the thong for your silly thing — it will make you laugh.