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How to dress like a girly girl?


This look is one of my favorites. I'm a girly girl to the highest level and most of my day wear consists of this theme. Some popular girly girls’ favorite movies are The Notebook, Mean Girls, Hot Chick, Legally Blonde, and others like it; all of these have one thing in common: the same fashion theme — cuteness/hottie wear.

Sundress: I love the fit and flare girl dress. It’s my go-to look, especially living in the Sunshine State. Any body type can pull off a sundress effortlessly.


First Look: Pair sundress with accessories of your choice along with cute sandals, flip-flops, wedges, non-bulky tennis shoes (i.e. Keds or converse), sexy high heels, or boots.


Outfit Details 

Second Look: Maxi dress galore. Fitted maxi's or wind-blown maxi’s are both/ a universal look for all body shapes. The empire waist of the maxi is appreciated by me and others that have a tuffet. Btw, a tuffet is the name of my midsection that is on the fluffy side. The whimsical maxi dress hides all types of things hidden below; for instance, we mentioned the tuffet — wearing big bloomers or unshaven legs… we all have those days. Pair it with a cardigan or denim jacket and the same shoes from the first look can be applied to this look minus the boots.

Dress (no longer available):  Fashion Nova

Dress (no longer available): Fashion Nova

Dress:  Venus

Dress: Venus

Third Look: We wear short shorts! A cute short or skirt is a great casual look— remember, shorts done right would not come off tawdry. Now, this particular look depending on the length of short is flattering on certain body types. Play to your strengths and you'll never go wrong. Intertwine honesty, confidence and comfort; They’re great ingredients for putting together an outfit that is most flattering. Casual shorts can be worn with the same accessories from the previous looks. I love pairing shorts with a tank top, showing off the feminine physique. A billowy top, tee shirt or blouse are all cool looks for shorts. I even like pairing shorts with a sundress to give a layered look. Dressy shorts can be worn with a camisole or blouse. Take this look to another level by pairing it with heels or wedges.


Romper (no longer available): Francescas