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Mommy and daughter day at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Mommy and daughter day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

When it comes to kids, spending quality is essential to the bond. It can consist of non-monetary activities or, in this case, spending time at the happiest place on earth. We love giving our kids individual quality time to connect individually. Sometimes we will have mommy and son time, daddy and son, or daddy and daughter one on one time. During our family staycation, the girly bear was sick and we weren’t able to see the Disney castle. I can’t express enough how we love being Disney annual pass members. As many times as we go each year, investing on the annual pass is definitely worth it.



  • Dress: Lady Fanatics (No Longer Available)

  • Sneakers: Puma purchased on Amazon. Currently $55.99 (bought on sale for $38.24)

When it was time to plan our mommy and daughter day, I reserved the Magic Kingdom fast pass a week prior to when we visited the park. The fast pass has a set time slot for each attraction and allows you to reserve three attractions to bypass the extremely long lines. Since the day was for my girly girl, I reserved two photoshoots with the Disney princesses.

Our first shoot was slated from 11:30-12:30 with Princess Tiana and Rapunzel. Other than Elsa, Princess Tiana happens to be one of girly bear’s favorite Disney princesses. We missed taking pictures with Princess Tiana on the Disney cruise and always seem to miss it during park visits. Due to minor setbacks, like traffic and insanely long lines to enter the park, we arrived inside of Magic Kingdom at 12:18 p.m. and weren’t able to make it to the photoshoot. Our next fast pass was for the Buzz Lightyear simulation ride. We made it without any problems and the line moved swiftly. After the ride, we noticed it was lunch time and I didn’t want to wait in one of those restaurants. So, it was convenient that Disney has small and quick eateries with a simple menu where we could grab food and keep moving.

The last fast pass was located in Fantasy Island by the Cinderella Castle. We had enough time before our reserved slot to go on the carousel ride. The ride normally has a line wrapped around it that looks like it’s a mile long, however, this time we did not experience a long wait. When the ride was over, it was perfect timing for our last princess pictures with Cinderella and princess Elena.

While waiting in line for the photo, I talked to the park employee about not being able to use our first fast pass to see Princess Tiana and Rapunzel and if it could be used for another attraction. She told us that the next photoshoot was with Princess Tiana and Rapunzel. The kind employee told me to come back after we were done taking pictures with Cinderella and princess Elena and she would allow us to go straight over to meet the other princesses. Whoopie!!!! I was more than thankful for her act of kindness and understanding.  

After girly bear met and took pictures with Cinderella and princess Elena, we went back to the young lady but she was gone. I quickly felt a gush of sadness. I mentioned the conversation we had to the other young lady that was now working at the entrance and she told me right away that the employee already notified her about our situation. Happy happy joy joy!!!  

The employee used her walkie-talkie to notify her colleague that we were heading over to take meet the other princesses.

Our day was complete! We were able to visit all of the attractions and one by the mere kindness of the park employees. Last stop was the train station: chooo chooo!

Bye guys and we’ll see you next time.


  • Setup your 3 free fast passes at least one week prior to your visit or earlier because it fills up quickly. They’re available for setup one month prior to your visit or two months if you’re staying at a Disney resort.

  • Anticipate traffic and long lines at the gate (Leave earlier than scheduled time).

  • Check the weather and dress accordingly.

  • Comfortable footwear. Sandals are cute and stylish, but if they’re not comfortable, you will feel the pain after walking and standing in long lines. Beware!

  • Travel as light as possible. Parents: try to not overpack your kid’s bag since it will get heavy when carrying it around. Essentials only!

  • Kindness is the passport to the heart. In the famous words of Cinderella, “Have courage and be kind.”