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Disney's 5 important things to know from a Disney silver pass holder


Disney’s 5 important things to know from a Disney Silver Pass holder

As many times as we have been to Disney, we always seem to experience some new aspect of the park. The Silver Pass holder account we have is blocked off for certain times of the year. We are unable to go to the parks from mid-June to early August. I know Disney is the greatest place on earth but it can be overwhelming navigating through all the parks. As a frequent park visitor, let me share the most important things to keep in mind for a magical experience.

Prepare for the wait times

1. It's best to set up your Disney Fast Pass. The Fast Pass allows you to reserve three rides/shows to bypass the standard lines. The Fast Pass express lines move quickly. I noticed from experience, it's better to visit the Disney parks in the late afternoon when the vacationers get tired and head back to their hotel.

2. If you do have to wait in the normal lines without a Fast Pass, try to stay entertained with kids or whomever by mapping out the next ride or show, editing your pictures, or selecting a food stop. The Disney app is a great all-in-one tool to keep you updated on all things Disney. Keep your phones charged for your kids and have them loaded with games or educational material to keep them occupied during the wait times. If you can, purchase a battery charger for your phone. A mobile charger is affordable and it keeps you from having to locate an outlet to charge the phone during the day.

3. Strike up a conversation with your line buddy. People travel from all over the world to visit Disney and they have interesting stories that make the wait time bearable.

Save money eating at Disney

1. I know the title sounds unheard of. But, you are capable of not overdoing your budget eating at Disney. Before going to Disney, no matter what time you visit the park, eat a hearty meal first.

2. If you decide on going to Disney in the morning, don't skip breakfast but eat up yo ho! yo ho! Forget about the calorie-filled breakfast because you will burn extra calories walking around the park. Bring easy to carry and no fuss snacks that should keep hunger at bay until you leave the park. This method will carry you and your tummy (and budget) out of the park intact.

3. You may be able to eat a late lunch in the park. Calling all families - everyone in the family does not require separate meals. Depending on kids ages, sharing a single meal will help with not breaking the food budget. The portions of food are very gracious- especially the number of French fries you receive with a burger order. I made the mistake of ordering about forty dollars worth of food for me and my three-year-old daughter. Our meal consisted of a Mickey burger, fries, and a side of mac & cheese. It was way too much food for either of us to eat. I brought bottled water and was able to save money on not purchasing her a drink.

4. I prefer the quick eateries at Disney that have the on-the-go menus. Either a hamburger, hotdog, or some type of portable “walk while you eat” foods.

Disney attire

1. Bring your inner fun and go themed out. This is the place to embrace the kid inside of you. Nothing is off limits... except maybe not going in full character and covering your face, for security reasons.

2. If you decide on doing a character theme, remember to check the weather. Florida is a fickle lady and you may have to endure the scorching Sahara heat. No Chewbacca suits! I would suggest for kids to wear a character tee-shirt with comfortable sneakers. If your little girl wants to go dressed as a princess, go for it. But still, wear comfortable walking shoes and shorts under the dress. For adults, please adhere to the kid's attire.

3. Mickey's ears, princess crowns, embellished Disney character hats can all be easily worn with any plain outfit to spice it up. Or, wear all your little quirks at one time.

Relaxing rides to just chill

1. With all the excitement of being at Disney, we need some chilled rides to relax from all that walking. At the Magic Kingdom, the People Mover is quite relaxing while it takes you behind the scenes of many of the famous places at the park.

2. The Magic Kingdom also has the Liberty Square Riverboat that goes in a small circle passing by Thunder Mountain. Enjoy the plush scenery and breathe a little before your next walking trip.

3. Also at the Magic Kingdom, try going on the classic Walt Disney World Railroad that takes you around the park. Sometimes as parents, we need an extra moment to collect ourselves.

4. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are a lot of sit-down shows to watch in the cool theatre.

5. Every Disney park has their specialized show to relax and be entertained. “Are you not entertained?” Sorry, just went super Maximus from Gladiator!

Capturing the moment

1. Disney is the place to go overboard with pictures galore. Whatever method of capturing the moment, learn as many features on your camera and phone as possible. The last thing you want is to not get the best pictures during your trip.

2. If you need a group or family photo, ask a park employee that may not be terribly busy. They will happily accommodate and you will more likely get quality pictures. You may also seek out a mom in another family. Us moms know the importance of getting great memorable photos!

3. If you notice an overly cute woman dressed in a girly getup, she may be a blogger and definitely knows the importance of quality pictures. Now you are ready to do Disney as an experienced Disney pass holder. You will look like a pro and save money–only to spend it on something frivolous on the way out.