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How to plan a staycation in your city

If you need a trip that’s not costly, learn how to plan a staycation in your city

Hilton Buena Vista Palace

How to Plan a Staycation in Your City

Our lives become hectic with an endless amount of work, both on and off the clock. If you add kids into the equation, the chaos of life goes up. That's why we need vacations to get away and recharge. The refueling of energy is a must and will create inner harmony. But, I can understand if financial situations keep you from venturing outside your city. No worries—a staycation in your city will still do the trick. You can seek out places and restaurants you may have been wanting to visit. Every city, whether it's small or more on the metropolitan side, offers gems to explore and to create the perfect staycation.

Pick accommodations

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if done right, you may be able to save money when certain hotels have specials. For instance, during our recent staycation in our beautiful city of Orlando, FL, we stayed at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Hotel. Don't get scared of the fancy name. My husband happens to be a Hilton Diamond Reward member, and with that comes special perks. He receives numerous emails keeping him updated on their promotions. Even if you are not a member of a hotel chain, you can still keep tabs of special offers. Try to plan a staycation around a non-peak season in your city. You will be amazed that the pricier hotels become affordable during off-peak season or even when the hotel is trying to fill vacancies. In the age of technology, we sometimes miss out on the personal connection by actually speaking to a person instead of clicking online buttons to do our bidding. Try reaching out directly to the hotel and speaking to an actual person. You may be able to engage with them to find out about current promotions or future discounted rates. Most of the time, people are willing to assist with great customer service, and they will be more accommodating.

Map out activities

This is the time to dust off that wish list you have been accumulating with things to do in your city. You may want to check out Groupon for deals in your city. Groupon is a website hub for discounted products, services, hotel specials, clothes and so on. We happen to be Disney pass-holder members, but our annual passes are currently in their blackout period. So, one of the main attractions in Orlando was off the list. The hotel is located directly across from Disney Springs, and this place is like is own city. Disney Springs offers countless activities, restaurants, shopping excursions, and beautiful scenery to take in, making you feel like you are in another world. For our first excursion with the kiddos, we wanted to experience riding in the famous retro car boats. Momma really wanted to have a James Bond experience. Another activity for us was heading over to Fun Spot for go-cart rides and more. The park had discounted tickets, which we knew about because Momma Bear did her homework to find affordable activities. Every city or neighboring city should have something worthwhile to enjoy. Sometimes, the smallest gems can be overlooked in your city.


When you’re vacationing, eating at restaurants tends to drive up your budget. The more people in your family, the more you will have to go deep into the abyss of your wallet. If you have little ones like I do, you can order a main dish and split the food with your little kids. Even if you order from the kids menu, food portions may still be too much food for their little tummies. If the kids menu offers food I one-hundred-percent know they will devour, I allow them to have a separate meal. Some hotels even allow for food-delivery services to bring their services to the hotel. This helps because hotel restaurant food can be pricey, except for the hotels that offer moderate eateries. The café at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Hotel was affordable, and it stayed opened late. I stopped by around midnight for a coffee.


If you live in a city with great transportation, it’s best to utilize this system to travel around town. Enjoy being a tourist and sight-see on public transportation. Bike, walk and allow your sights to be awakened by really taking in the city. If your hotel is near all the hustle and bustle, that’s even more perfect, and you can save money on gas by traveling by the means mentioned above. Since you’re doing a staycation, the money you save from not having to purchase plane tickets or fuel for long car rides leaves you with more spending money.

Please enjoy the pictures from our staycation in Orlando, FL.