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Daytime dates for busy couples


Daytime dates for busy couples

Let's face it — time is the only thing that is constant and can never change. As a married couple with kids, finding time to spend with your partner can be challenging. A suitable and trusted sitter must be available, coordinating schedules must be achieved, a gust of energy must be found, incorporating each other date ideas must reach a happy medium and the list goes on and on. Couples with children tend to face this dilemma when planning for date night. Well, what is date night? Date night, as it is broken down, is merely scheduling a date during the evening. The evening comes with its own set of woes. The child may feel abandoned when they see the parents leaving. This all depends on the child or caretaker. Even as parents, we may feel a little sad leaving the child behind for quality time.


I found some creative ways for dates with your spouse. This works extremely well with school-age children. Introducing... daytime dates! The excitement should have brimmed across your face. While the child is at daycare or school, couples should be able to plan fun dates with ease. No more worrying about who is going to watch your little one. No more sad faces or crying child when you leave at night for a date. No more rushing through dinner or a movie to be home at a decent time to relieve the sitter. And, you can make it an eight hour workday date. To maneuver the daytime date, you only need to synchronize your off-day. This works well for me and my husband because he has his own business. He does not schedule any clients on the day we choose and loads up on the other days. At this time, I still work a 9-5 until it’s time for me to transition to pursuing my creative ideas full-time. 


We are proud Disney passholders and wear this badge with extreme honor. Normally, our Disney park trips are centered around our kids. But not for our daytime date! We dropped off the kids at school and went straight to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for our day date. Since we don't have to focus on the kids, we were finally able to go on one of the best park features: Avatar Flight of Passage simulation flight ride and Na’vi River Journey through the Avatar land. These particular rides have an extremely long wait time and can go up to three hours. After enjoying the Avatar rides, navigating through the park was a breeze. I set up our FastPass, allowing us to schedule rides/shows and go through a shorter line. We were able to finish our park experience around 3:00 p.m., so we decided to save money and have a late lunch outside the park. After eating lunch at the Sisters Grill food truck, we headed to the mall for a couples massage. The 30-minute massage was much needed after a long day of running around Animal Kingdom.


Date ideas:

  • Parks

  • Movie theater

  • Picnic

  • Massages

  • Arcade

  • Concerts

  • Sporting event

  • Watching shows/movies at home

  • Pool/beach

  • Indulge in favorite restaurant

  • Play games at home

  • Paint & wine class

  • Pottery making class

  • Gun range

  • Air balloon

  • ATV

No matter what the date is, customize it to suit your personality and needs. The bottom line is: we will be happy no matter what the date consists of because we get to spend time with the one we love — now that's pretty spectacular! S