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5 backpacks to suit your different needs


I have a confession y'all — not only am I a pinkaholic, but I have a gross obsession with backpacks. Wearing backpacks is a trendy and fashionable way for women to keep track of their belongings without toting around a purse.

When I joined the motherhood tribe, I used to carry around a diaper bag that was so not part of my style. I later discovered a cute, girly diaper bag backpack. It didn't have that, “I’m the mommy” look, which I loved. The backpack was also suitable for hubby to wear it. So, that started off my first leg of growing into an obsessive nature when it came to backpacks.

Pink medium-sized backpack


After departing from the mommy diaper backpack, I stumbled upon a pink medium-sized backpack — it worked perfectly for the needs of my growing kids. The backpack has two side pockets, which are great for carrying their bottles, water containers, and miscellaneous items. The inside also has a slot with additional storage. I used the small area to hold all of my personal stuff, like my wallet, keys, and phone. I loved this backpack because it screamed my personality, while keeping the needs of my children. Purchased from Ross Discount Store. The bag shown above is similar to the one purchased.

Maroon bubble backpack


As the kids’ needs grew with age, so did my backpack preferences. I was on a hunt for a size smaller than my pink medium-sized backpack. Voilà! The boutique in my neighborhood, Forema, had the perfect backpack fitting my exact needs. It was the last maroon bubble backpack. They did have an army green version, but I chose the maroon one. It was a no brainer picking this particular color since I'm a huge FSU Seminoles fan. My floatation device backpack did not have side pockets, which was okay since the kids were already holding their water bottles and juice boxes. I receive so many compliments when I wear this backpack!

Large army green travel backpack

I can always justify my need to purchase another backpack. One year, we took a family vacation to Tennessee during ski season. I needed a travel backpack that would suit our needs and act as a carry-on bag on the airplane. When I purchase certain backpacks, depending on its purpose, I tend to factor in my husband's style as well. I'm a budget goddess and reign supreme in this field. With a particular budget in mind, as I was grazing the aisle at Old Navy, I came across the perfect backpack. It was large enough to hold all of the kids’ items and had plenty of storage room for all of my things and a separate slot for my iPad. And the best part is, it fit the carry-on requirements — woohoo! I especially loved the flap on top with a zipper to hold on-the-go items. The backpack has a top and a side zipper that makes it easy to access belongings.

Pink Nike mini backpack


The cat is out of the bag — I love pink anything. I, once again, wanted to downsize from the maroon backpack to a smaller daypack. As I was mindlessly browsing on Amazon, I came across a cute pink Nike backpack. Traveling with the kids’ stuff has become very minimal. The bulk of having to carry the entire house is days of old. The mini backpack was more on the sporty side; I loved using it as my everyday bag because of its small, compact size. I felt weightless zipping around with the kids, especially at amusement parks.

Black stylish backpack 

My latest transformation is upgrading to a sleeker backpack. I purchased the black backpack at a pop-up boutique The Sugar Shoe Lounge for a Mother's Day event held by The Paper Bar Company where they hosted several vendors. I first noticed the orange version to my backpack and said to the owner, ”it would be nice if it came in black.” Of course, the shopping gods heard my cry, haha! The owner Michelle reappeared from the back with the black backpack. Mommy now owns this latest, stylish backpack that looks more like a designer bag without the designer cost.

My kids are growing up and I no longer have to be the carrier of all things. This growth has allowed me to change my backpack needs that match their needs. I can not wait until I see the next future backpack or... will I go back to carrying purses? We’ll see! I’ve been toting around a fanny pack, so the future could be filled with fannies.