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What hour are you, in terms of a relationship?

There’s not that much busy in the day.
— Scotia Powell

What hour are you, in terms of a relationship?

Some people work a traditional 9-5 and some work the night shift — the hours and time of day vary depending on the individual. People tend to put more emphasis on scheduling what matters to them the most. As the above quote states, everyone’s availability varies, but there is not that much busy in the day. If you are not running the free world, please pipe down about your busy schedule.

Former president Barrack Obama always found time in his schedule for Lady Michelle Obama. Are you the First Lady that receives prime time hours or the mysterious fox that goes in a hole? The 7-9 p.m. woman is the female that holds the magical time slot. She will always receive the prime time hours that supersede friends and family. These women are allowed to book dates during prime time scheduling without her mate pitching a fit. Why? Simple. He sees the relationship as a budding, fruitful, long-lasting commitment that he's willing to pursue.

Females tend to be very accommodating when it comes to excuses for their mate's poor behavior. We will deem their lack of motivation in the relations is due to scheduling and being over exhausted. That is all huff and puff. Have you ever asked someone to do something that was extremely tired but when you mention something is in it for them…they perk up? Females will know what hour they fit in depending on the time men will set aside for them. Before I was married, some of the men that I dated did not deem me as the prime time hour lady. I had the late night spot of chilling at the house to watch a movie because it was too late to go out or they were exhausted and wanted to stay inside. Ladies, please do not fall for this excuse. Don't fall for the excuse that nothing is open at this time "Lies." You can go bowling, movies, coffee cafe, skating rink, etc. You will merely have to research which establishments are still open in the evening or take a walk around the park.  Or, simply reschedule. 

In the case of Bianca, her beau Brian has this arrangement that he made with her regarding time spent.  It's a bizarre arrangement where Brian will only come over twice a week. This is so weird for a couple that lives in the same city. However, Bianca tolerates this arrangement even though she would prefer more quality time. Sidebar, ladies pay attention if the person you are dating tends to be less accommodating to your needs or request. If you notice that everything is based on their availability or comfort or whatever it is, please note this as a Flag. Since Bianca and Brian's relationship first started off as a sexual tryst, majority of their quality time is spent in a four-walled relationship. Sidebar, ladies if you want a relationship that blooms into marriage, please be careful of starting a physical relationship with your intended beau to early in the dating stages. They are cases were having a sexual relationship with a partner led to something more serious, but we would not want to Russian Revolt our heart, soul, and bodies on this. My husband always said this quote to me when we were merely friends…"Slow and steady wins the race." Ladies, if the race is for your heart, you should put more stock in the person that you choose to date or even spend time with.

My male friends had girls sectioned off by time slots. The woman they were more interested received the coveted time slot from 7-9 PM. The girls that they only wanted a four-walled relationship received the 10-12 AM slot. After that, is the after the club late night time slot of 1-3 AM. That was for the females that knew what time it is and could careless of the other line-ups.  As awful as this may sound, is as truthful as it is. This is a backslapping, stomach kick to your reality.  And, the most coveted days are Friday and Saturday.  Saturday is the 8 PM schedule that network shows will place their best and most watched program.  Friday is considered the 9 PM network schedule. You see-Saturday is a day that most people have off if they work a traditional Monday-Friday schedule. Saturday is the day where you have off to do whatever it is but you chose to spend it with your significant other. And, it speaks volumes when a guy will allow afternoon dates. They have considered the person they are dating as someone special to hone in on their prime time day.  But if a man is giving you the ABC award-winning Saturday 8 PM night slot, he more than values the person he is dating. The evening slot was held for hanging with the fellows. He impeded on Guy Time to spend it with his lady is a significant strike to his heart.

If you want to know "What hour you are," pay attention to his scheduling time for you. And, call during the peak times to see if he answers. If a guy already has plans with the golden girl, he will not answer or text during these peak hours. He is already out on a date with the special lady. So, be prepared for all the excuses as, "I fell asleep, didn't see your message or call, I've been working out and extremely tired." Wait for it…but you can come over to chill if you like. Please stop and look at the hour he wants to relax. I'm pretty sure he didn't text or call back during the peak hours.

While my relationship with husband went from best buds to marriage, he would always give me the prime time hours when he courted me.  We spent so much of our free time together or was on the phone. And, connected through video calls...regular phone calls are cool but a video call is much better.  He made sure that I knew and felt that I was his special lady. I never had to question how he felt about me. Sidebar, a guy that is genuinely interested in furthering the relationship, will never keep you guessing about his intentions.